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Project Portfolio

Information Technology Support Services

  • Dentrix Installation Support
  • Orthotrac Classic & Orthotrac Imaging Support
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Novell Server Administration

Internet Solutions

DIVERSIFIED has a proven track record of success in the Internet Solutions industry and our commitment to customer service is reflected in our continually growing client list. Below is a representative list of recent web site projects and references. Online demonstrations are also available.


(Complete Site Design / Integration of 3rd Party Shopping Cart)

AftermarketCompositeSprings.com, an online retailer of automotive springs, requested a website to be designed entirely from scratch and integrated with a 3rd party shopping cart solution provider called 2CheckOut.com. Working with AftermarketCompositeSprings.com, DIVERSIFIED developed a professional look & feel for the site and produced the majority of the text copy for the site including the About Us, Privacy Policy, Who is 2CheckOut.com?, etc.


Stellar Sales Training, Inc.
(E-Commerce Shopping Cart)

Site Currently Under Development

Stellar Sales Training, Inc. requested that their web site be redesigned to place emphasis on their professional instructor led training solutions and their new book and CD series. Included with this site is a complete e-commerce solution and secure ordering process.


Westendorf Printing
(FTP Form and Back-end Database)

DIVERSIFIED was asked to develop an web-enabled form that would integrate seamlessly into their existing website and would allow their customers to upload project related files (images, fonts, etc.) and Requests For Quotes. When the submit button is clicked, this form automatically captures the field data, generates a new project folder on the web server's storage subsystem, a notifies both the client and Westendorf personnel about the new file(s). In addition to the form itself, DIVERSIFIED also developed an easy to use administrative module to allow Westendorf personnel to easily manage the files that are uploaded by customers. This project also included the installation of a new web server, mySQL database server, Internet firewall, backup solution and storage subsystem.


Document Imaging Solutions, Inc.
(Complete Site Design)

Document Imaging Solutions, Inc. required a professional web site tailored specifically to a technical audience. This site includes a second, separate site devoted to the utilities industry and two online product demonstration tours.


YMCA of Greater Dayton
(Multiple Database Enabled Features)

DIVERSIFIED was subcontracted to develop several database-enabled features including: a site search function, separate event calendars for each YMCA branch (9), and an employment opportunities database. A complete administrative system was also developed to allow each branch to manage their own data and update the site without any prior HTML knowledge!


(Rebuild Site While Maintaining Existing Look)

DIVERSIFIED was subcontracted to completely rebuild this site and take over the ongoing maintenance of the site with an emphasis on maintaining the existing professional look and feel of the web site. The site was recently updated to include product sheets for every major product in the clientís catalog.


A. H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc.
(Complete Website Design)

A. H. Sturgill Roofing contracted DIVERSIFIED to develop a professional looking web site that would allow potential clients to request a quote via a web-enabled form and also to allow clients to view past projects.

Custom Programming

  • Lion Apparel MSDSD
    Database integration into MS Office, IntelliCAD, and Cold Fusion for enterprise wide distribution of garment drawing details
  • B-1 Bomber Training Evaluation System
  • F16 Training Evaluation System
  • WinDues Customization
    (Labor Union)
County Recorder's Historical Information Management System

County Recorderís Historical Information Management System

Dubbed the ďCounty Recorderís Historical Information Management SystemĒ, this database solution offers County Recorders with a low cost, Windows-based alternative, that requires no end-user training and allows easy access and management of the Recorder's stored data. Unlike other proprietary solutions on the market that made exporting data or customizing the program very difficult, the County Recorderís Historical Information Management System utilizes industry standard Windows technology and offers secure access to the underlying data tables.    ... more

Frequent Buyer Database

Frequent Buyer Database

The Frequent Buyer Database is a tool that enables retailers to quickly and easily manage a “Frequent Buyer Program”, track sales and mailers, and make it easier for management to make critical business decisions relating to products sales and customer demographics. Built using standard Microsoft technology, the Frequent Buyer Database offered retailers a cost-effective, entry level solution for managing and implementing a successful Frequent Buyer Program.