Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Demos and Samples

Web-Enabled Forms

The following samples demonstrate a variety of HTML based forms including file upload forms, contact us forms, form field validation, online surveys and more.

Example 1: Form Field Validation
Example 2: Formatting E-mail Output Using Text Templates
Example 3: File Upload Form
Example 4: Survey Form
Example 5: Routing E-mail Output Based On Field Values

Programming Code Snippets

The following sample snippets of programming code demonstrate a variety of functions using both traditional programming languages and web-based programming languages.

Web Programming:

Example 1: Displaying Checkboxes Within a Scrolling "Listbox" (CSS)
Example 2: Hiding/Displaying Options Based On Current Selection (JavaScript)
Example 3: Error-checking of Online Forms and Sending Input in e-mail (PHP)
Example 4: Create Spreadsheet of Data from Online Database (MySQL)
Example 5: Server Side Include Files to Keep Pages Consistent and Make Updates Easier (PHP)
Example 6: Using a Database To Dynamically Generate a List of Menu Options (.NET)

Traditional Client/Server Programming:

Example 1: Enable / Disable Button Based on Field Value (MS Access 2003, Visual Basic)