Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Custom Programming

Tired of being forced to redesign your existing business processes to suite the limitations of a shrink wrapped "off the shelf" software package?

DIVERSIFIED specializes in providing custom programming services including developing entirely custom software solutions/databases and adding additional functionality to existing software solutions/databases.

Whether you are looking to develop a custom software application for a specific business process or for the entire company, DIVERSIFIED can assist you in developing a software solution that meets your needs.

The DIVERSIFIED Difference!

Before writing even a single line of programming code DIVERSIFIED takes great care to ensure that the entire design is documented and approved by the client.

To ensure that DIVERSIFIED has a complete understanding of the client's needs, we first complete a comprehensive client interview and site survey. This typically includes conducting a needs analysis, interviewing decision makers and end-users, mapping out existing business processes and verifying the features that will be developed in this project.

DIVERSIFIED then begins to design the solution which includes refining the client's needs, generating flow charts, data dictionaries and sample logic to illustrate the features and how they will work.

Our approach ensures the successful completion of your project by ensuring that each developer on the DIVERSIFIED team has a complete understanding of the project design, the features that will be built, and most importantly, the goals of the client.

Client/Server Software & Database Solutions

For those clients who are not interested in migrating to the latest Intranet technologies, DIVERSIFIED can create software and database solutions using traditional client/server technology.

These software and database solutions are developed using proven programming techniques and can include features such as secure login, multiple user access, import/export functions, integration with 3rd party software and other data sources, and custom reports.

  • Designed for single station (client) or network use (client/server)
  • Integrate with 3rd party software products/data sources
  • Modular design for future expansion
  • Data is stored in non-proprietary format
  • Custom reports
  • More!

Customizing Existing Applications

Depending on the "openness" of the existing software solution, DIVERSIFIED can often customize or add additional functionality to the existing software application.

  • Add additional screens
  • Capture additional data
  • Develop additional reports
  • More!

Intranet and Internet Solutions

Over the past five years, many traditional client/server and stand-alone databases and software programs have been replaced by Intranet/Internet based solutions designed using web-based technologies and programming languages. Benefits include:

  • Standardize on web-based technologies
  • Immediate deployment of software updates to all client workstations
  • Easier access from outside the office
  • Standardize on browser based user interface
  • More!